My parents abandoned me when I was 3.
My grandparents abandoned me when I was 5.
I lived in an orphanage/home until I was 11.
I was kicked out by an alcoholic mother and lived on the streets from age 13.

Suffice to say, I have seen and lived through some pretty horrible, ugly shit. For those ‘in the know’, my A.C.E. score is 10/10 and no, I do not recommend. That said…

By 19, I was self-sufficient.

By 23, a white collar professional.

By 28, an entrepreneur.

By 32, a survivor of the infamous “dot com” bust.

By 40, an independent technologies analyst and product manager.

By 50, purely rekt, as life caught up with my body and I discovered names that explained why I’ve been in pain both physically and mentally, literally all my life… why my entire spine hurts all the time, and why it is not my imagination.

(The short and NOT complete list of struggles: #cPTSD, #MajorDepression, #Stenosis, #MCAS, #Fibromyalgia, #Afibrillation).

I had to work so hard to “look normal” that I never got to apply any of that energy or effort to self-care, recovery, or even establishing a stable foundation. I made money, but never enough to put aside. I had “fame”, but never enough to bring wealth. My mistake? I lived my life handing out hits for free, giving all of my love and effort to anyone but myself. Now, I am surprised there’s “nothing left for me”?

Yeah, a fool, you see. Yup, that was me. I could never quite pull off the pretense of normalcy required to “fit into” today’s cannibal corporatism. My literalness, my rationality, and my inability to understand why implicit communications were so highly prized (when all they cause is trouble), or why my insistence upon explication was applauded by my executive bosses, but cost me job after job after job the moment it wasn’t selective in application (i.e., #Autism – self-DX ten years, formally diagnosed in 2023).

Somehow, despite all of it, I am a (usually) happy person. I credit a rigorous meditation routine, alongside the love and care of my amazing husband. And coffee. Oh, and gaming. I can’t get “out and about” like I once did, so the internet has become my magical portal into the world and gaming has become my way of traveling. Alongside this, I dabble in a variety of things and keep my mind nimble with tech and domain research “for fun”. Heh.

Things I’ve done in the past include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • ASCAP author/lyricist
  • Anonymity/Pseudonymous/Internet Privacy Advocate
  • Biker Club Gadfly (Sturgis, Daytona, etc)
  • Business and Industry Competitive Analysis
  • Corporate Agent/Representative
  • Creative-Destruction Consultant (innovation consulting)
  • Entrepreneurship; business development
  • Executive time management consulting
  • Executive organizational methods consulting
  • Ex-Game Industry Employee
  • Holistic Business Architecture Consulting
  • Product Management Consulting
  • Single-Parenting
  • Street Living/Homelessness

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