quote for the day… and a dream

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell

no time to post the dream, and didn’t record it, so it will be lost but for this snippet…

we three, in a cave, around a fire, silent. but the air, thick with thoughts, and we could all read one anothers.

weeping in the great, loud quiet.

sounds of sniffles and scent of regret.

eyes on the ground, none looking anywhere but the dust.

the entire world, silent, silent, silent, no words, no wind, no birds, only soft sobs for all the things said without words.

the fire burned low, but it was us who turned to ash. when the last of it winked out, we did, too. fragile pillars of presence, only waiting for the smallest wind to undo us utterly.

it finally came, that wind… careless and swirling, scattering he, you, me… blending us into a soft rain of wasness that spread out, spilled from the mouth of the cave to cover the area, disappearing into a bed of autumn leaves.

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