humpty dumpty day

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heh. three year old flashback.

i remember being upset at ‘all the king’s horses and all the king’s men’ because they couldn’t put humpty together again… but it was an issue with poor illustration.

you see, in the illustration, it showed poor humpty scattered all over the ground and all the aforementioned men astride pretty, prancing horses looking down at him.

in my three year old mind, it seemed those men didn’t really TRY very hard to put poor ol humpty back together if they couldn’t even be bothered to get off their damn horses when the image was made.

oh my. young logic. the terrible truth of assumptions.

anyway… happy humpty day. not much to report here. meeting tomorrow at noon with the other owner at work. and then on friday with the local business networking group.

don’t be too surprised, but i am their business community networking manager. among other things. mostly because i’ll talk paint off a wall, i reckon. but also because they notice (and have stated they have noticed) how people seem drawn to me. heh.

and this saturday, i hope again to try to get back to a-town long enough to pick up clothing and the g5. i am annoyed because i need a laptop now. hah. serves me right.

not going to bother to explain that. suffice to say i don’t have one at the moment and will be saving up to get one Real Soon Now. (grin)

otherwise, all is well. i’m content. i like where i am. i like what i’m doing. i do not feel like i miss much at all except my daughter, my son, and my cats.

and the cats are gone. 🙁 people keep telling me maybe i can get them back when i get settled and i just shake my head. doesn’t seem fair to uproot them twice. meh. i guess we’ll see.

i especially miss zen. i miss karma too, but i REALLY miss zen. hard to explain. she was like… part of me. i remember how i cried my eyes out the night they left. bleh. making myself cry now.

bah. ok. all done for the night’s entry. you folks be good and if you can, find at least one person you can be nice to today. it really does make a difference.