anatomy of a bad day

6:30am – wake up with stomach feeling like it’s pompeii
8:30am – finally decide to take the day off and try to sleep through pompeii
12:30pm – admit there’s no sleep to be had and drive to the store for pepto and hopefully, relief
12:35pm – decide to toss the bag of trash that’s been sitting in the passenger floorboard for two weeks.
12:36pm – feel the wind pick up and the sound of a “click” from behind you as the truck door blows closed, effectively locking your keys and everything else in your truck.
12:40pm – finally find a store willing to allow you to use both the yellow pages and the telephone to try and call a locksmith.
12:42pm – get a locksmith on the line who says they can be there in 10 minutes.
1:15pm – grovel to the store to allow you to use their phone to call yet another locksmith since the first one is now at the 30 minute mark.
1:25pm – second locksmith arrives. truck is opened. “that’ll be $100, please.”
1:26pm – stomach is even more pissed off now, as you effectively reduce your grocery budget for the next two weeks from $156 to $56.
1:30pm – realize that you cannot afford the pepto until monday because of it all.
1:35pm – drive home in tears.
1:37pm – have an email waiting on you when you get home that you’ve missed contact with someone you’ve been trying to reach off an on without success.
1:40pm – decide to go ahead and work on work since you damn sure can’t do anything else.
2:45pm – figure ‘hell, may as well blog it so someone gets a chuckle.’
2:46pm – sigh and hit the ‘publish’ button.

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