Character Study: Siobhan ‘Brazen’ Kislevskaia (Warhammer)

Name: Siobhan ‘Brazen’ Kislevskaia

Age: late 20’s

Birthplace: Kislev

Description: Brazen is a tall woman for being a female human, standing about 5’9″. Her chosen career is apparent in the flame red hair and slightly smoky aura that seems to follow her movements. She is a lithe and tone woman, quick to smile, laugh, or anger. Her moods are spontaneous and often arrive or depart without warning. A confident and somewhat brash individual, she shows no demonstrable preference for companionship, even as she has no apparent distaste for people. Loyal to the point of foolishness and kinder than her initial countenance or actions may indicate, she hides a soft and idealistic philosophy under a reckless and often… brazen… demeanor.

Interesting personal history: Her nickname was given after her interview with a representative of the Bright College, during which she coolly informed the proctor-examiner that his doubts relating to her abilities in calling forth and manipulating Aqshy were not only unfounded, but insulting. Challenging the man to a demonstration of technique and skill, she convincingly won the matter and her admission into the Bright College by singing the hair off his body without setting his clothing or himself upon fire. Quoth the flustered fellow upon departure, “Well she certainly has the attitude of a Bright Wizard, the brazen thing. I’ve not been so smooth-skinned since they spanked me and set me on my mother’s belly.”

Patron God: Dizh

Rationale behind service of the Empire and perspective toward the Empire: Service to the homeland as instructed by the Bright College; commitment to the alliance, in particular due to Finubar, which she holds in high reverence and something approaching awe. (see below).

Perspective toward Elves: Convinced that Finubar the Seafarer, The Phoenix King, is the obvious chosen of Dizh.

Perspective toward Dwarves: Respectful, but aloof. Unfamiliar with their history, but admiring of their resilience and determination.

Synopsis of backstory: Born and raised in Kislev, Siobhan ‘Brazen’ Nauromir suffered the harsh and often traumatic upbringing that living in a constant warzone would entail. Living by her wits and skills, often alone and frequently roaming (the rather unfriendly) streets, Brazen grew up and played in the battle-torn alleys and amongst decidedly gritty and grim peers. Her parents, members of the Griffon Order, were most often away on Empire business – a fact the local citizenry resented and that resentment visited itself upon her by proxy through its children.

Her mother, a Warrior Priest of Sigmar, follower of the path of grace, was lost on the front lines when Brazen was barely a year old. Since then, her father, a Witch Hunter of the Griffon Order, has all but abandoned his daughter to the daily life of Kislev to throw himself tirelessly into the thickest battles possible, presumably to join his dead wife in whatever afterlife might exist.

As a result, Brazen is a strong-willed, adaptable, and almost inhumanly confident person. Her years on the streets of Kislev, enduring the brunt of ridicule and resentment from her peers combined with the absence of her family taught her a degree of self-reliance and aloofness that both strengthened and tempered her well.

Her abilities with Aethyr first noted during a fracas with the locals wherein she charred the clothing off of a small group of would be tormentors following a particularly brutal Chaos skirmish on the borders. Shortly thereafter, a formal complaint was lodged with the Empire and soon thereafter, a representative of the Bright College arrived to test the young woman and determine her suitability for a career in its sultry halls.

Given the choice between a life of ongoing torment, resentment, and solitude or a chance to train and hone her native talents and build a new life for herself, Brazen was quick to answer the call of the Griffon Order. She assumed the surname “Kislevskaia” to honor her past as well as forget its harsher memories, and in the turn to the Griffon Order, harbors some hope that success and renown within it might work to accomplish a closeness with her father that has proven impossible over the years. Her current path runs a lagging pursuit of him, as she travels and works to locate his whereabouts and hopes for a reunion and reconciliation before he manages to find victory in his own pursuit of death.

Coming soon: Journal initiation and ongoing tales of spark and flame!

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