daydreaming your nightmare

we have imagined it, of course.

how we would carefully print, organized, and bind it all in chronological order.

how we would wrap it all so gently in protective coverings.

how we would print all the pretty photos given and received over time, the audio captured; how you’ve told all the lies and particularly how you’ve betrayed the faith given you not by us, but by her, too.

we have imagined how we would write the letter to cover it all, explaining all the things we wanted and how they were never quite as important as you getting to have your little fantasy.

it was always about you, and the best proof was how you always insisted we thought it was about us. amusing, really. albeit moreso for the distance.

we’d send it special delivery, requiring her signature. we’d likely send it to her work, not your home. it amuses us to know you never realized we knew where she works.

actually, it amuses us that it is so obvious that you think you’ve actually made yourself ‘safe’ from the repercussions.

you really have no idea that she is the only thing keeping you safe, do you?

you really have no idea that we had your number all along, do you?

you never quite understood that we knew and it was only because she wanted to believe you were more, could be more, that you were ever granted the gift of space and time in which to prove you were.

you failed, of course.

all the ‘i told you so’s’ are long said, mostly in quiet whispers…. you see, she didn’t want to be wrong about you, and we understand how much she needed to be right.

but you… you never understood.

which is why we take this moment to remind you that the only reason you’re able to enjoy your smug sense of accomplishment from behind the closed door is because she resists the notion of giving you what you deserve.

but oh, you haven’t gotten away just yet, buster. we’d advise you not to make the mistake of thinking so. we’re absolutely chaffing, champing at the bit to return to you even the smallest of what we’ve seen you do to her.

she hasn’t rejected us outright just yet. the question, the deciding factor is simply whether or not she’ll keep the anger herself or give it to us.

if she keeps it, you gain far more than you deserve, not that you’ve shown any sign of being able to appropriately understand or appreciate such things.

if not, well, let’s just say we’ve had plenty of time to consider just what you deserve, we’re really, really good at delivering it, and we really, really want to give…. it…. to…. you.

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