Data all the doo-dah day (marker)

For those who still do not seem to grok the depth and breadth of sophistication that is only accelerating in surveillance methods and techniques,

I submit this paper (one author of which is noted, “Work done at Google.” on the first page).

In it, you will find that technology can now parse video, audio, and semantic context; in short, it is a presentation of precisely how technology, analytics, and multidisciplinary collaboration can produce impressively “intuitive” results.

Of course, I like this paper because it validates theories I’ve held and played with most of my life. Additionally, I find that many of the concepts and ideas, theories and assertions, and even models of encoding them are starting to show up in the world.

Divergent stream… 

This, to me, proves still another assertion: There is a certain “set” of knowledge and competency that humans inherit via DNA that relates directly to their capacity for preternatural performance or adaptability.

Combined with the innate encoding of our species, I think we receive both geologically specific and quanta specific encoding. I think as well that change of these environmental factors over life (i.e., travel, language, and culture immersion) significantly benefit our baseline encoding because (I also think) we are constantly receiving, parsing, and updating ourselves in response to our environment.

Literally. At a level that we do not yet fully understand (and at which I spend considerable amounts of time contemplating, researching, and validating at the pathetic level possible from my current position in existence).

The most frequent responses I get when I try to talk to anyone about this? They range, really; from “You think too much”, to “You’re weird”, to “Sorry, my head is full and I need a break”, to “You’re proper mental, aren’t you” and various combinations of those sentiments giving extensive range.

Occasionally, I’ll talk with someone who says, “Oh, yes; you’re talking about [formal concept as attributed to famous person of credible education or authorship of ((concept))].”

I really like those; most people say that with a tone indicating superiority, but I just hear it as validation that my thinking is legitimate. Besides, I don’t understand it the way aforementioned famous ones do. I understand it in my limited and incomplete way.

But, I link things in divergent ways (so others say and so it seems to me, too) and I use analogy to both mark and negatively outline things. Cartography of my own mental kingdom, most often referenced as a textile metaphor, or in competing similes that permit the “user” of my words to make their own connections.

I think it’s important to meet people where they are, but since I have gotten out of the habit of making time to meet people these days, it’s a bit moot of me.

Anyway, the ramifications of this paper and the divergence I trace even only skimming are profound. China has already shown us a potential future of “human resources”; The United States seems compelled to that vision in the name of trying to avert the coming human shortage of 2030[1], and most IN the United States are too distracted by debt and divisions on pretty much any trajectory to notice.

Change is coming. I’m not entirely sure it is emergent; it feels and acts manufactured; not as in “conspiracy” but more like “collusion”. Eh, no human endeavor survives time except humanity itself… so long as humans breathe, change will continue to drive us.


“We did not start it!”
“There is a need to set blame.”
“Move or die, that’s life.”

[1] – Maybe my phone will ring for work when it hits. Then again, I’m planning on not needing that to happen anymore; only a fool waits for something when they could be doing something else… I’m tired of being this world’s fool.