An Open Letter To The United States Congress Dated October 1, 2018

An open letter to The United States Senate, in particular to those currently serving in the capacity of adjudication in the matter of potential Supreme Court Justice, Honorable Brett Kavanaugh:

It is with some quiet wonderment that I witness this, the latest skirmish within the halls of what is supposed to be our most humble and vociferous protectors, stewards, and leaders.

It occurs to me that our country has fallen entirely into conflict and disarray; no more so is this obvious than in watching actual, live footage of an event intended to vet, vouch, and validate a candidate for one of the most noble and influential chairs existing in our country.

I am at once angered, despairing, frustrated, and resentful; we rely upon you and we grant you the collective authority and force to wield ultimate power… we trust you to actively seek mindful and even meek consideration outside of and across party lines.

We elect you to do in our name that which we, individually, cannot attain, but to always, always, be possessed of a broader view, a longer view, a view that contemplates regularly the charting of a path to betterment, growth, and success for We, The People, of which you are evermore a part.

This is what I believe, what I feel, and what I think. I am, of course, the most noxious combination of aspirations and ideals, all of which rest comfortably unassailable thanks to the reality that is my own, human hypocrisy.

This is also my most bald and humble admission, because I am admitting I cannot do it. At no point in my life will I ever believe, feel, or think that I could manage any of it.

But, once upon a time, like myself, someone in your constituency, your lobby, your party, or whichever means of distinguishing interests, they decided that you had the best possible chance to not only do this, but to perform the slow, thankless work of pulling our country entire along the path as you are cutting it.

This is the America I believe in and love. This is the America that I put my hand over my heart for… this is the America I beg you to just…. Stop…. And remember.

What best serves all of us? What most accurately reflects a mindful, wise step upon the path of who we are, who we aspire to be, and how best to align our minds, our feet, our beings to this end?

I cannot in good faith say that I believe, feel, or think this is how your government of our national affairs is proceeding. Indeed, in the “Supreme Court” of my mind, you stand accused of considering practically every, other possible thing except ANY of the things so ridiculously and verbosely herein outlined.

Even so, I know you decided to aim for the chair in which you sit. I know as well that you worked hard for it, compromised on things you never thought you would, and likely wrestle as did Jacob over it all in your own, unique and internal way.

I know you are a human, just like me, so I know you too, have times of hypocrisy. I do not judge that of you any more than I expect you to judge it of me. Indeed, it may be that only with the humbleness and humility of such acknowledgment that true progress is fueled.

But I beg you, pause. I beg you breathe. I beg you find the grounded center and, within it, the genuine intention and motivation you hold. Whatever that may be, hold it high. How else can we hope to recognize ourselves in you well enough to make better choices?

I have not felt truth, trust, or temperance from The House, The Senate, The Supreme Court, The Administration, and most of any other “Thes” of late.

So I ask you, paradoxically arrogant and yet, respectfully, “Will you remember the ideas and ideals more kindly?”

There is so much of your reality that I will never know or understand. So please, not just for me, but for WE… will you show us your leadership, your competency?

Do what must be done. Seek out truth. Verify. Then judge.

After all, that IS what you were elected to do.

I watch. I wait. I will see. I am not alone…. Nor are you.

With admiration and with admonition,

Resident, Citizen, and Constituent