Seed / Egg / Life

I am very much that autotelic one and it is as well that I am; my interests and fascinations are odd and blended, my delights seem woefully unattractive to others.

They are enjoyed, regardless (though this seems usually to engender negative response in the world around me).

The glorious exception to this, what I have known as “life’s rule”, is the sweet, soft, shining light that is my husband, J.

This is, to the best of my ability to consider it, perfection in this life. So much so that all the swirling detritus and dogma of culture and society itself are but a fleeting concern or consideration.

I think now of land and gardens; community markets and self-sufficiency that prefers nature to the neurosis that seems so often to grip this world.

Life is not the swirl, the storm, or the society.

Life is being, doing, and refusing to let any of the rest deter you from what happiness you can find while you live.

On occasion, it is to commune and be companionable; sometimes, to stand with others in the name of general support of natural, human rights.

Sadly, sometimes, it is to be reminded of just how far we, as humans, have to go yet in consistently delivering all the beneficence and benevolence we claim in the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

What an agonizing amazement, life.