Listening to instrumental, meditative streams today, as the polite rejections continue pouring in.

There’s nothing quite like silence and stillness
The moment in which there is nothing
The space between breaths
The quiet between thoughts
A no-thing, a nothing,
no-thing, nothing

I’ve decided to check into pet grooming. It combines the things I enjoy most (animals, one-on-one interactions, service, stewardship, trust, honesty, fun, humor, and good intentions) with earning a living and, since it’s not a “white collar” role, the ridiculous whims of culture and society and the biases of these in the “professional” realm are quite rare.

This whole preference for simplicity seems a much more healthful and happy thing; so much so that I begin to be convinced that it may be the “third leg” I’ve been seeking, theoretically.

What would that be? Occam meets Evolution? “The simplest solution to any problem is the one that both permits the next step and has the lowest amount of encoded failure.”

The more time I spend thinking on this stuff, the more I understand that difficulty, like pain, is an indicator of engagement with a failure pattern. I’m chuckling of course, because it’s not “merely” the ‘pleasure principle’ and, at the same time, it really, really is. Paradox. (You know what I think about those.)

Not because we are such base, uncomplicated, or common beings. Because we are not. Regardless our wish otherwise, we are MADE to be drawn to things that are healthful and helpful to our growth. We are MADE to be repulsed by things that are not. Where we sit on the spectrum of labeling things determines if we’re in a failure or success pattern.

Existence is built upon the notion of a paradoxical state of dichotomy; whether it is defined by what we “know” of science, what we “theorize” of science, or what we think about ourselves and the world around us… what we “believe”. The thing all these have in common is the purest seed there is – you. Me. He-She-It-Us-Them-We-All. The movement that breaks the stillness, the >=< that IS.

We seek our own peace
We move always in response
What is then this now