Law of Creative Destruction – If it ain’t fixed, break it until it is.

This will not go as expected.

How sad that this guy has to defend trying to successfully run a business and market/promote for funding.

Shame on WoTC for not supporting this guy.

Shame on any player that doesn’t support this guy even if only by telling your M:TG friends about him (or screaming into the void as I am).

Especially now that this fellow has uprooted his entire life to assure he faithfully responds to concerns from his viewer-ship… even when much-less-than kindly presented.

I don’t even KNOW this fellow, but I know someone like him. And I know just how much the person I know is giving his LIFE to THIS.

Both are LIVING. It may not be a life I would choose, but that makes it better, more interesting, and frankly, more humbly accessible as a concept that needs to be replicated.

I even forgive myself for thinking he sounds condescending… I realize his excitement and enthusiasm “feels” like condescension to me only because it reminds me of all the choices and chances I had let by (this is changing and change is good).

Everyone says we need better role models. But who is sharing role models? Not that sharing them would change much… except to explicate that people ARE still willing to TRY to benefit one another AS they benefit themselves.

That’s what life is supposed to be… if you improve the quality of life around you, where you are, wherever that may be, eventually, what you desire most must come to you.

Where you are, right now, is the same place I am: The place where experiences and my response/reaction to them have converged… now… this instant, ever passing!

Where I am, right now, is the same place you are: Contemplating a change rather than a continued submission to that which does not most delight me… now… this instant, ever passing!

I admit to myself with kind honesty where I am, why I am, and how I am.

I accept in myself with kind forgiving why, how, and where I must choose differently for myself.

I acknowledge of myself with kind patience that the reactions of others are outside my power to anticipate, command, or control.

I acknowledge in myself with kind belief that I seek my requirements that I may better aid in the improvement of my ability to benefit others (and in doing, myself as well).

I acknowledge in myself with kind humility that others have spoken as well and far more succinctly than I, to wit, “Be the change you wish to see.”

I acknowledge in myself with kind generosity that I am willing to feel embarrassed by my ego to convey to others all benefit of doubt.

I acknowledge in myself with kind intention that I am always trying to do my best for others, but I also do not always know what is best.

I acknowledge in myself with kind motivation that I am ever seeking to savor the joy of others; a mirror in which to experience delight.

I acknowledge in myself with kind devotion that my purpose is to be until I am not to be and, to my extent, aspire.

I acknowledge in myself with kind humor that I am ever fearful of my life being forgotten entirely for lack of any remaining living who are willing or wishing to remember.

The action, effort, and care needed for my change is assumed… not yet proven.

Paradoxically, the action, effort, and care required for my body to change is validated as occurring even as I type.

In a universal poetic irony – the only one who will never know my final state is me. This, too, we share as humans.

All assumptions affecting probability of success must be validated.

All validation outcomes are final until the next, full iteration.

All iterations are complete only when they are transitioning positively forward for all affected/impacted.

All understanding is but a point, one of infinity. Heisenberg and Einstein, waltzing.

When small, positive decisions succeed often, big positive change emerges.

The level at which you can experience is the level at which you can change experience. Look deeply. Look often. Log everything. Reverse engineer every failure. Failure is informative. Failure refines. Fail early and often. Then, always, learn.

“Law of Creative Destruction”: If it ain’t fixed, keep breaking it until it is.

(Note: It’s never fixed.)